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i code and stuff


I'm a Mechanical Engineer turned Software Engineer

My passions lie in solving problems and building things

I currently code in JavaScript , Ruby , and Python

I work with React/Redux on the frontend and with Express , Rails , and Flask on the backend,

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Hungr is a single-page Full Stack web application for food blogging with full CRUD and Auth, inspired by Tumblr's intuitive and magical design.

Technologies Used: Ruby on Rails, React/Redux.js, PostgreSQL, AWS S3

Boy and Tiger



Boy and Tiger is a collaborative community focused comic-viewing website for Calvin and Hobbes

Technologies Used: MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React.js, Node.js), Web Socket, AWS S3

P.S. check out the fan page!


(link to come soon)

Polaris is an ongoing, collaborative patient data visualizer alternative for healthcare professionals. Implementing features like Elasticsearch Engine (based on Apache Lucene) and D3.js, it strives to modernize outdated systems

Technologies Used: Python Flask, React/Redux.js, Elasticsearch, D3.js, Gunicorn

Other Projects

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Live | Github
Pokedex Hacker helps identify counter types to an opponent's Pokemon for up to 2 types. A user can select from either a dropdown or click on two buttons to receive the most effective types to defeat their opponent

Technologies Used: Python Flask, React.js
Live | Github
RedGET is a journey into working with Reddit's API. It's a mastery of simple web apps. It calls /best route and dynamically calls subsequent routes off the initial return.

Technologies Used: Python Flask, React.js
Live | Github
Loud Tetris is an unique twist on the classic Tetris game, implementing a speech API to convert a user's speech command to controls in the game. If you're still reading this say the word "spaghetti".

Technologies Used: Vanilla JavaScript, HTML5 Canvas, CSS3, Web Speech API


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